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“Kamensk transport engineering plant” was founded in 2013. Today it is a modern machine-building company, which specializes in the manufacture of products of railway engineering.

Plant facilities include three independent productions:

  • Production of electric machines and apparatus;
  • Production of gears and gear wheels;
  • Production of composite polymer materials and products from them.

«KTEP» LLC has a wide intellectual and scientific potential, allowing to solve tasks of any complexity in the shortest possible time. Highly skilled specialists of technological and design department are developing, for mass production of qualitatively new, modern product, using modern technology and advanced quality standards.

In September 2014 the company introduced quality management system (QMS), which was certified for compliance with ISO 9001-ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008).

Our products are supplied to the machine building enterprises in CIS countries and Asia. The main customers are enterprises of railway industry.

Modern Machine Park and qualified personnel allow to complete the cycle of mechanical and chemical-thermal treatment of various construction materials. All manufactured products subjected to obligatory control by specialists from the Department of technical control and are supplied with all necessary documentation, confirming the quality of manufactured products.

Closed-loop production cycle and marketing enterprise policy takes into account all wishes of our clients regarding the quality of products, each draft proposal worked out in details by our specialists for customizing of the most demanding consumer.


The company "Kamensky plant of Transport Engineering" began its history in 2013, the former of "Kamensky Machine-Building Plant."
In the period from 2013 to the beginning of 2015 it has been made ....



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