Sales & marketing department

Department of Marketing and Sales is an independent unit and ensures the implementation of enterprise, analysis of the enterprise market, its financial and economic activities and the efficiency of enterprise management.

Learn the latest information about the stock of finished products can be on the following link. Details of the stock is updated twice a week

Kamensky plant transport engineering constantly implements the following products:

№     Products
1 Electromagnetic contactors of electric and diesel locomotives and components
2 Accessories for single-phase high-voltage switch
3 Reels
4 Contactor pneumatic electric and diesel locomotives and components
5 Contactors Cam electric and diesel locomotives and components
6 Electric inductive shunts
7 Gear pumps
8 Vane
9 Relays various types
10 Electric high-voltage disconnectors
11 Resistors different types
12 Transformers
13 Chokes
14 Gears
15 Gears



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