External equipment department

Department of foreign equipment is an independent unit and provides timely and complete provision of the needs of enterprise components, produced in cooperation.

The company is constantly expanding its network of cooperative (outsourcing) partner and is ready to consider the issue of cooperation with all interested organizations (enterprises). Applications will be accepted by e-mail with indication of production capacity and product range.

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Rostov Oblast Kamensk-Str. Factory 8
Tel. +7 (86365) 67-65-0
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Приемная ООО "КЗТМ"

тел./факс:  +7 (86365) 67658

Email: office@ooo-kztm.ru

Sales & marketing department

phone/fax: +7 (86365) 67655

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External equipment departmenr

phone/fax: +7 (86365) 67650

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HR department

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